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Why do you need a website?

For a growing small business, a website is essential to generating awareness and improving your competitive advantage. The Internet is the fastest growing new medium in history and one of the easiest to leverage into profits. A website is an important tool to use as a means to establish presence, advertise, market your business or yourself, and to provide and share information. It is a cost-effective way to generate leads, communicate with customers or friends, and gather feedback.

How to build your site using Website Tonight.

Once you have purchased a Website Tonight Account and have your domain registered you will go to "My Account". Login IDs and Passwords are case-sensitive. Choose Website Tonight Accounts to view your Website Tonight sites.

New Account:
Choose "Set Up Account"
Read and Agree to the Hosting Service Agreement.
Enter a user name and create a password.
Next, under Account Details, select the domain that you have registered for this site and choose to Launch Website Tonight.

You have two options: Create a Coming Soon Page or you can choose to begin working on the final site. We recommend creating a Coming Soon Page first so that you can immediately start using your new website but uploading your logo, publishing your contact information, and informing your customers that you will have a website soon so that they return.

To Create the Coming Soon Page, select the option and then select the basic template that you would like to use. Fill in any information you would like to have online immediately. You may then upload a logo or any pictures that you want to be on this page.

When you have the information you want on this page, choose "Publish" and this page will be put online. Your site will not be on the web until you choose to publish it.


To Create Your Website Tonight Site

First enter a default email, it can be any current email address and all forms submitted to the site will be sent here. Also enter your Company/Personal Information, this will be displayed in the footer of the site on all of the pages.

You can create the site from scratch or select a prebuilt site layout. Creating the site from scratch allows you to choose the layout that you want for each page of the site, you can change these at anytime. Selecting a prebuilt site simply gives you a guideline for the best layout choices for certain types of sites. This can be a good jumping off point to start your site with, the page layouts can be changed at anytime, so this is not a binding decision. The Prebuilt options are: Author, Club or Organization, Family or Baby, Personal Portfolio, and Small Business.

Although the traditional Website Tonight sites begin with 5 pages, you can have up to 30 pages on your website and you can add pages at any time. Name the pages how you would like them to appear in the menu. These can be deleted or added at anytime and can be changed.

Color/ Theme:
It is recommended that you choose a design from the category of your site, but it is not necessary. Choose which design and color motif best fits your business. If necessary you can change the picture and colors later on in the process.


Once you enter the Page Designer, there are many options that allow you to customize and update your site.

Site Options:

Edit Background Images
With this option you can change the image or header of the template. Select the image or portion that you would like to change, taking a special note of the dimensions, and upload any image that you choose making sure it is the same size as the image you replace.

Edit Site Colors
This option allows you to change the color of each individual section of the site template. If you make a mistake you can revert to the original color of each section or even restore the entire original template. You can also change the color of the hyperlinks and menu text, including having the color of links change when they are rolled over or clicked on. You must click "Apply" to have any color changes that you make show up on your site. To continue working on you site click on "Return to Page Design."

Website Overview
This feature shows how large your site is becoming and how fast the various pages will take to load. It will let you know if your site is getting too heavily loaded if you are putting a lot of information and large images on your pages.

Organize the Site
Allows you to arrange the site and choose the names of the pages as they show up in the browser and the file names. For instance, if you named a page "the Smith Family Reunion" it will show up as that on the Tabs in Internet Explorer.

Preview Site
This allows you to see how the site will navigate and look without you having to publish it on the Internet.

This feature puts the site online.

Page Options:

Add page
This option will add a new page to the site.

Delete Page
Allows you to take out superfluous pages.

Change Layout
Allows you to change the page layout to another layout option

Edit navigation
Changes how the pages link to each other. This is usually unnecessary for basic sites.

Add Content Block
This is to aid in further customizing and formatting a page. Once you have filled the content blocks that are standard with the chosen page layout, if you still have more content to add it can be done by adding additional blocks of content. These blocks can be used for images or text and can extend down the page.

Add Photo Album
The Photo Album feature allows you to insert a series of images that can be flipped through using "Previous" and "Next" buttons to navigate. To add pictures to the album you must upload new pictures or you can use pictures you have already


The Forms section allows you to manipulate and customize your contacts page and any other form pages that you have throughout your site. Form answers are sent to the default email that you entered at the beginning of the Website Tonight process. You can change the fields at anytime and you can alter the manner that information is collected. You can choose textboxes, text areas, radio buttons, check boxes, or drop down lists to collect information from visitors to your site. Available drop down menu subject options are: Country, Day of the Month, Day of the Week, Education, Ethnicity, Gender, Marital Status, Month (by name or number), Numbers, Size, State, or Year. You can also create your own list and order it in any manner you see fit.


  We have many solutions to make your website look and feel nice. We can show you many different ways to get your website designed without breaking your budget or deadline. We have many solutions to make your website.  
  We have many solutions to make your website look and feel nice. We can show you many different ways to get your website designed without breaking your budget or deadline. We have many solutions to make your website.  
Simple Resume Sites
We have many solutions to make your website look and feel nice. We can show you many different ways to get your website designed without breaking your budget or deadline. We have many solutions to make your website.
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